About Audrey

I’m a French/English girl who loves oversized wool jumpers, travelling and photography. I’m a nature photographer and outdoor enthusiast with a Master’s in Wildlife Biology.

Someone once asked me whether my love for photography or animals came first. I have worked with wild and domestic animals for most of my working life, I gained a Masters in Wildlife Biology, and have lived in some pretty incredible and remote corners of the globe because of this, from South Africa to Australia to the Arctic circle and back. But when I was given my first Nikon DSLR, it opened up a whole new world – one which has now left me incapable of being far away from animals or my camera!

To me, the most captivating part of photographing an animal, be it wild or my own dog, is waiting for that one moment, that one expression, that one insight into the animal’s personality that can disappear in the blink of an eye. And then sharing that character with the world. Each animal is as unique as we are, and their expressions tell stories older than time. I hope to share those moments and those expressions with the world.

Get in touch – shoot me an email on granger.studios.photography@gmail.com, or reach out on social media!

Sicilian Strays – The stray dogs of an Italian island

It all started when a six month old pup was laying in the vineyards clinging to his life. He was so emaciated he could barely walk 100m, his limbs were long and thin, his muscle wasted away and an old injury left him with a permanent limp and the inability to sit on that side of his body. Biscotti, as we called him, is the dog that started our want to help the stray dogs of Sicily.

Now, we try to raise awareness and much needed funds for the shelters that are helping the stray dogs in Sicily. My photography is used to spread awareness but also to share images of the dogs and pups looking for forever homes. It is our hope that one day we can fund a more consistent neutering programme to help the free roaming dog population on the island.

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