About me

I’m a French/English nature photographer who loves oversized wool jumpers, travelling, and of course photography. With a Master’s in Wildlife Biology and a passion for the outdoors, I am always looking for an excuse to immerse myself in the nature.

A really important part of my photography is that I capture as much as I can in camera – from compositions, to colours, textures, and so on. To me, the beauty and intrigue of photography is seeing what I can capture with the use of my camera and my understanding of settings, lighting, and composition. To show the world what I saw with my eyes, and what I managed to create with only my camera and lens. Post-production helps me tease out colours that are already there, maybe tweak my exposure, but that’s it. Outside of focus-stacking, I rarely spend more than a few minutes on post-processing.

I strive to capture what I see with my camera, not through post-processing. So I work hard to keep edits to a minimal, and bring you nature the way I interpret it and experience it in the moment, representing what I saw and felt at the time of clicking the shutter.

Photography is my way of connecting viewers to nature, and it’s an extension of myself; photography is my way of expressing how I view the world, how I interpret nature, and how I feel in the wild. I hope to bring you the highest quality of work, and hope that through my photos, you can loose yourself a little in nature too.

Sicilian Strays – The story of an Italian island’s dogs

It all started when a six-month-old pup was laying in the vineyards clinging to his life. He was so emaciated he could barely walk 100m, his limbs were long and thin, his muscles wasted away, and an old injury left him with a permanent limp and the inability to sit on that side of his body. Biscotti, as we called him, is the dog that started our journey into helping the stray dogs of Sicily.

Now, we try to raise awareness and much needed funds for the shelters that are helping the stray dogs in Sicily. My photography is used to spread awareness and share images of the dogs and pups looking for forever homes. We hope one day to fund a more consistent neutering programme to help the free roaming dog population on the island live healthier and safer lives.

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